Monday, October 5, 2009

Utah October 2009

My sister Julie, being the multi talented and amazing woman she is took time from her busy routine to teach me how to can. What would I do with out a sister like her to push me to discover the many skills hidden within me. She really helped me to realize that I can still be a modern self sufficient woman while practicing what may to many be viewed as "outdated homemaking duties." I rocked that water bath and to all you haters out there, kiss this.
Thanks Julie!!

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ramdom Pics

This is sierra, one of my nieces riding the horses at giffith park.

Jake and terry..........they're kinda two peas in a pod.
This was on my first trip out to visit Julie and Terry in...FUNTUCKY!Being the city girl that I am I had to pull over and take a picture in the cornfields. Good times.

My eldest sister julie and her hubby Terry.
lol mimi she's so spunky! Wow this is elizabeth and ethan as a little baby!
Mimi again with ethan.Her favorite for sure.
Elizabeth, (jess and andrews) I usually have to wrestle her down to take a picture with me :)
Only in la..or santa monica. Jamie, wierd guy in a mosquito suit, Terry,me ,jaeleen ,julie and jamison.Santa monica pier.

I love this picture because I look like one of the more normal ones, lol. My siblings are much wierder than I am :)

Awww yes.When I was visiting out in funtucky we went to the one and only........DOLLYWORLD! It was fun, much like an upgraded county fair.
Siblings in age order.Right before jamie left on his mission.Julie Jacob Jessica Me Jamison Joanna and Jaeleen.
Begining of the summer.This is outside of mimis place. Jamison (julie and terrys)and his mimi.
So I had gallbladder surgery at the beginning of the summer and was out of work for 3 weeks...good times. That was also when julie and jess and families came out to visit. We did a disneyland trip with the family. Me and mom rented motorized wheelchairs, mom was embarassed to use it, at first. I am now convinced it's the only way to do disneyland. You're not exhausted at the end of the night and the wheelchair is equal to a fast pass, although not technically . :)